Help us keep Pocahontas County clean and green!

Volunteer Board Members:

  • Edward Riley, Chairman (appointed by Pocahontas County Commission)
  • David Henderson, Vice-Chairman (appointed by West Virginia Public Service Commission)
  • James Burks (appointed by Greenbrier Valley  Conservation District)
  • Jamie Walker (appointed by West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection)
  • Paul Rader (appointed by Pocahontas County Commission)


  • Jody Alderman, Landfill Manager
  • Mary Clendenen, Office Administrator


Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 4:30 PM

900-H Tenth Avenue (Courthouse)           Marlinton, WV  24954

Phone:  304.799.6262      Fax:  304.799.6272


What We Do:

The PCSWA was established in 1989 to provide safe, healthy, and efficient garbage disposal in the most economical manner possible for our county's citizens. 

We operate the county's sanitary landfill, Green Box sites, and recycling program.

The PCSWA meets on the last Wednesday of each month from January - October.  A combined meeting for November and December is held on the first Wednesday in December.  Meeting agendas are posted at the handicapped entrance of the courthouse.

Proper Garbage Disposal:

Pocahontas County's Mandatory Garbage Disposal Regulations require the owner of each residence (any structure or shelter in which a person spends one or more nights per year) to pay the annual Green Box Fee, utilize the Free Day at Pocahontas County Landfill on the last Tuesday of every month and obtain a receipt for each of the twelve months during the billing period, or contract with a certificated solid waste collection service operating in Pocahontas County.

Payment of the Green Box Fee gives you the right to use the Green Boxes during the billing period for disposal of residential garbage.  The owner is responsible for payment on rental properties.  A discount of $3.00 is deducted from the annual fee if full payment is received by September 15th.  If the annual fee is not paid by December 31st, a late fee of 10% is added.  Property owners who fail to comply with Pocahontas County's Mandatory Garbage Disposal Regulations are subject to a civil penalty of $150.00 for each year the fee is not paid per WV Code Subsection 22-C-4-10.

Each person operating a business establishment in Pocahontas County is required to contract with a solid waste collection service operating in Pocahontas County or use the landfill and pay the appropriate fee.  Commercial garbage should not be placed in the Green Boxes.

It is illegal to dispose of tires in the garbage.  (See recycling page for instructions on where these are accepted.)

Open burning of trash is prohibited by state law.

All county residents are urged to participate in the recycling program.  Recycling saves resources and landfill space.

Littering and illegal dumping carry heavy fines in the State of West Virginia.  Please preserve the beauty of our county and dispose of garbage responsibly.

Report open dumps to the Solid Waste Authority at 304.799.6262.

For information on proper disposal of hazardous wastes, visit the West Virginia Solid Waste Management Board's website at